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Thursday, October 27, 2016  
  Internet Solutions for the South Pacific

Internet Solutions for the South Pacific
The past few years have shown dramatic growth in the field of the Internet in the South Pacific. The region's increased recognition of the Internet as a valuable and cost-effective tool for doing business has spurred the development of a coordinated group of interactive websites linking buyer and seller communities. These sites, designed for all those interested in working, travelling, investing, and living in the South Pacific, were first conceived by the partners of, with its background of internet technology, web design, management and tourism, has created an integrated network of websites to service this market.

In line with its interactive philosophy, the network encourages contribution from the South Pacific community in the form of company profiles, articles, business updates, press releases and general news items. It is in the process of expanding its registration of these affiliate participants from both the private and the public sector; these members are able to access and update their own sections on the websites, thus ensuring currency and accuracy of information. This strategy will enhance the usefulness and value of the sites by all users.

The Internet is well suited to the South Pacific because it not only helps link remote island nations with each other but with the world. This is a definite contributing factor to the growth and success of the network.

MaxiaPacific is committed to long-term development and enhancement of its websites. Its aim is to be a South Pacific hub and it looks forward to a long association with its users, contributors, members and affiliates.

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